About Me

Hi Lovlies! My name is Kelcy and I’m a licensed esthetician from Memphis, Tennessee. Originally, I got into the esthetics industry because I liked doing my own make-up, then I thought, how cool would it be if I really took it seriously? Well, 1000 hours later, I learned that I actually prefer taking care of the skin (epidermis) itself, as opposed to covering it up with make up.
Skin is quite fascinating beyond the fact that it's the largest organ on the human body. That’s why it’s so important to me and since becoming a licensed professional, it has become my passion to bring about more awareness to taking care of it.

Once I graduated from school I began to notice how my friends always seemed to solicit my opinion regarding their own skin and what products they should try. That’s how Dermaglo RX was born (pronounced "derm-a-glow")